Ground Rules

  • All dogs must be on a leash unless approved by an instructor.

  • Crates are mandatory and all dogs must be crated when not participating directly in class activities. 

  • No dogs/handlers on the softball diamond.

  • All faeces anywhere on the grounds must be picked up by the handler and placed in an appropriate receptacle.

  • We reserve the right for the dog to be muzzled.

  • No bitches in heat on the grounds.

  • You must not go on any of the contact equipment unless accompanied by an instructor. Other equipment may be used at the discretion of the Training Coordinator.

  • No harnesses, head halters or collars other than fixed may remain on the dog whilst using agility equipment.

  • All handlers to help set up and clear away equipment.

  • Dogs under 18 months obstacle/jump training to be at the discretion of the Training Coordinator.

  • No dogs to be taken into the toilets or clubhouse.

  • All handlers are responsible for their own dog(s).

  • Children to be supervised at all times.

  • No drinking of alcohol on grounds during training.

  • No glass on grounds.

  • Suitable enclosed footwear to be worn while training - no thongs/sandals.

  • Harsh handling will not be tolerated.

  • No check chains or prong collars. Limited slip collars or martingales are permitted.