Beginners and Elementary

Tuesday  7pm - 8pm

Beginners & Elementary build obstacle understanding and starts handling sequences. 

The Beginners and Elementary programs run for 8 weeks per program with dogs and handlers being introduced to a variety of different obstacles using one core handling system. Weekly classes will focus on three jump types, tunnels and introduces the basics for contact equipment and weave poles. 

The content is largely the same, however we will begin to increase the difficultly and introduce additional handling and obstacle skills. There is an assessment at weeks 9 in both of the course that determine your progression onto the next level. 

There is no restriction on how long a dog may remain in Beginners or Elementary however to move from this class into the Starters class, dogs and handlers must pass an evaluation, have their BAAD title or ANKC equivalent .  

All dogs must have either successfully completed Foundations, or been assessed as competent by our instructor team.