Join us in Foundations! 

Tuesday 8pm - 9.15pm


Foundations teaches everything to get you started in the wonderful sport of agility.
The focus is on fun, skill and relationship building!  

Foundations is an 8 week course that focuses on teaching dogs how to learn as well as teaching handlers how to use positive reinforcement and shaping to learn new behaviours with a clicker. 


At the end of the eight week course, dogs and handlers will need to pass a small assessment to progress to Elementary classes. Foundations can be repeated indefinitely. 


The course is $200 for 8 weeks, and includes a complimentary club membership (valued at $60). 


Pups must be at least 18-20 weeks of age and must have completed their full puppy vaccination program.


  • For your dog's structural development and long term wellbeing, please note jump bars must be on the ground for all dogs until 11 months of age.

  • BAD Club holds a maximum of 5 Foundations classes per calendar year and numbers are limited to 12 handler-dog teams per course



Please contact the Foundations co-ordinator, for any enquiries and the details of the next available class: 

Please note, we do not run a waiting list for our course, if you wish enrol for this class please join the public facebook page and keep and eye out for enrolments to open, please email us below if you have questions. 























We promote positive training methods.
We use: clickers, treats, toys and praise!

No harsh handling or corrections are tolerated.