Tuesday  7pm - 8pm

This course continues the progression of teaching dogs and handlers individual equipment skills and full course running. 

This class is for those handlers and dog that have completed both the Beginners and the Elementary program (9 weeks each) and have a solid grasp of the course content.  Dogs may have commenced trialling and achieved their first title but have not yet achieved their second title which is needed for the Trailing/Advanced class.

The Starters programs runs a ‘Skills and Drills’ class one week and then a short beginner level course is set out the following week to practice those skills.  This class also continues the progression of teaching the dogs and handlers the contact equipment (Dog Walk, A-Frame and Seesaw) and also the weave poles.

To progress from the Starters class your dog will need to have achieved it’s second agility title (AAD or ANKC equivalent).

All dogs must be 18 months old and have successfully completed Foundations & Elementary or been assessed as competent by our instructor team.